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The advantages of our services are:

Ultimate quality
English, French, German working languages
Short delivery time
Acceptable prices

  • Heads-up digitizing

  • Digital cartography and high-quality maps

  • GIS and Mapping applications and Internet solutions development

  • GIS databases, integration and complete solutions

  • Map scanning up to A0+ size

  • Raster manipulation and registration

  • Cadastral and utility maps digitalization

  • Geological maps vectorization and topology building

  • Demographic data entry and thematic mapping

  • 3D data entry and terrain modeling

  • Scanning, OCR and multilingual data entry

    Heads-up digitizing

    In the beginning of 1993 we have selected the heads-up digitizing - a modern way to work. Since then all our completed projects are successful - which proves that we have made the right choice. The heads-up digitizing allows most effective resources management and gives maximum productivity, accuracy in management of large maps and plans.


    Digital cartography and high-quality maps for printing

    The development of high-quality digital maps for printing, based on geographical data, is still a difficult process. It requires professional approach, perfect planning, rich experience of the involved people and a lot of handwork. MapInfo, FreeHand and Photoshop are the programs we use, as well as software applications developed by us to automate the different processes. We believe that during the last 10 years we have gain the right experience to provide the best-quality services for our Clients.


    GIS and Mapping applications and Internet solutions development

    The software department of GIS Center has lots of interesting proposals for you:
    • GIS and Mapping application and solutions
    • GPS tracking applications and solutions
    • Internet GIS and Mapping development
    • Digital cartography utilities and applications development
    • Development of data conversion and transformation tools

    Two of our leading projects for Germany are

    GIS databases, integration and complete solutions

    The time when the GIS systems were complicated and custom solutions, served by specialists, has gone. Today the GIS systems are part of the information system of the company or the organization. They require specific knowledge and IT background. We are proud to have high-specialists in different domains - GIS, mapping and geodesy, IT and software development, education and management. This makes us believe we can offer complete solutions to our clients.


    Map scanning size up to A0+

    The number of the places where you can scan maps or other images or documents increases constantly. But when the quality is a must - we believe it is better for you to make a careful choice and to select a professional company with experience to do it. We do scan maps for years, in all formats, size up to A0+ and 15mm thickness. We deliver quality products and we know how to keep your deadlines.


    Raster manipulation and registration

    The raster manipulation and registration are part of the main activities in the mapping. But it must be done professionally to be with good quality. We do preliminary evaluation on the baseline materials for each project and we select the best fitting formats and solutions for the rasters and their registration.


    Cadastral and utility maps digitalization

    Each database requires to be complete and precise. The same is with the GIS databases. But this requirement is a must for cadastral and utility maps. Our rich experience includes many completed projects for France and Bulgaria - where all the requirements for completeness and topology are met.


    Geological maps vectorization and topology building

    Specific knowledge not only in GIS, but also in geology and geography are needed for the work on the vectorization of geological maps. We are happy to have specialists with University education working for us, providing best quality for our Clients.


    Demographic data entry and thematic mapping

    The GIS has started as demographic data entry and thematic mapping to reach their place in the today’s business. More and more the decisions taken by the marketing and advertising specialist and the businessman are based on geographical and thematic analyses, done with the support of GIS.

    We have the opportunity to be among the first in Bulgaria with one of the leading companies world-wide as client - The Coca-Cola Corporation. Together we have done lot of different and interesting projects, applied later on to the offices of Coca-Cola in the whole Balkans’ region. This we do with pleasure, because the level of creativity such work requires is high - something we try to apply whenever possible in our everyday work.


    3D data entry and terrain modeling

    The question is: fully-automated or semi-automated process to use in the 3D data entry? The fact is that the cases when you can use fully-automated vectorization are not frequent. There is always necessity the data to be “cleaned-up”. Again - the fruitful choice is professional operator, working with the best software and fast hardware. GIS Center offers exactly this for you.


    Scanning, OCR and multilingual data entry

    Even if the scanning and the OCR processes look easy and routine for you, when the amount of work is big and the quality is a must it could become a problem. Again - we offer professional solutions with multilingual support - English, German, French, with semi- or fully-automated process of data recognition and processing. Our reach experience with the ABBYY FineReader brings for you high-quality and very good delivery time.


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